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Read more about our Customers and our Compression Pants

One of the most rewarding products we offer our plus size customers is our compression wear. When we first brought plus size leggings, plus size sport bras, plus size bike shorts, plus size yoga pants to the marketplace we were the only manufacturer to make plus size only active wear, not plus size add ons to smaller sizes.

Then we made another advance…another first. We researched, then designed and created compression pants for plus size women. Admittedly, the original intention was to give plus size women a compressed look, to eliminate the jiggle factor. We knew at the time, because of tests conducted at Penn State that compression pants helped athletes increase their performance. That was a good start for our plus sized customers who wanted to feel energetic and get those pants and skirts on more easily. But it has turned out over the years that our plus size compression wear has become, as one of our customers from Nashville wrote us “a godsend” for folks of large size who are living with lymphedema. The magic of our compression pants is that they are indispensable for plus size people who need help for their lymphatic systems. And our compression pants, while doing the work of medical garments cost a fraction of the price.

One of our own family members was having a problem with swollen feet. It was painful for her to walk and painful for her to stand. She suffered from pain even when she was sitting. Until she put on our own Power Legs leggings. She was astounded. For the first time in over a year she was pain free.

But the original benefits are still being enjoyed by women all over the country. Mary, from Little Rock, told us, “I’ve been buying them for years from you because they fit me as I go up and down in size. And I can wear them to the gym, feel more energetic and stronger when I wear them, and then keep them on all day because they stay in place and they keep my outer pants from clinging to me.

“My muscles feel better in your compression pants. When I wear them out walking I can just keep going. They have the substance I need. “

Our Power Legs compression pants are made of 45% nylon and 55% Lycra Power. They’ve got flat lock stitching for durability and comfort. And they’re made especially for you –our very wise plus size customers. You know there’s nothing at all like them in the marketplace. Through the years we’ve had imitators but no one matches our quality, price and functional design.