Our story…. Cynthia Tivers, Founder and President A BIG ATTITUDE

It was the mid 1990’s and I was producing television shows and exercise videos, working with models and actresses whose most interesting conversations revolved around how little they ate and how much weight they needed to lose off their size 6 bodies. Boring. With the convergence of images posed by Kathy Ireland and Marilu Henner---the two most recent celebrities I was working with at that time, I had an epiphany. While models’ and actresses’ jobs were to stay attention getting slim—real women were leading real lives. And they couldn’t afford to starve themselves skinny or spend endless hours working off the day’s carbs. But they did want to be healthy and have active lifestyles.

So after some serious research, I found little to nothing in the way of work outs tailored to the real size woman’s body and even less choice in the activewear that was comparable in fit and function to those existing for sizes small and smaller.

The idea of A BIG ATTITUDE was born. In 1998 we produced a best selling exercise video , we’ve been designing and manufacturing exercise clothes that are specifically thought out to give the best fit, best quality, best look at affordable prices.

And we’ve become famous for what we do. The costumers at The Biggest Loser have called on us for years to make clothing for their contestants. Other Hollywood productions—television shows and movies alike have purchased our line for show. We’ve been featured in magazines and newspapers but most important we have been a hit with you –our customers. From the US to the UK, from Shanghai to Dubai and from down under Australia and New Zealand to up over Canada, Finland, Denmark …. Your loyalty has kept us going. And we have kept our manufacturing business right here in sunny California where we can make use of the finest fabrics and talents the U.S. has to offer. So to all of you out there…A BIG ATTITUDE thank you!