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Look Good While You Get There

Long before the health and fitness fashion worlds recognized the plus size demographic, Cynthia Tivers saw into the future. The founder and president of A BIG ATTITUDE, Inc., known as the U.S.'s only plus size only active wear company, knew back in 1997 that women size 12 and over were as interested in health as their missy size counterparts. But no one was giving these women the support of fashionable, high quality, form fitting clothes --- clothes that would give them the emotional boost they needed to look good while they reached their health and fitness goal.

So Cynthia, who already had a successful television and print career, set out to serve the plus size population with a line of attractive and practical fitness gear. Believing in the impact of thinking big and the strength of self empowerment, she branded her creation, A BIG ATTITUDE.

"Great fitting clothes help breed self confidence in the gym. And if a woman starts feeling physically fit she'll have more energy and more self esteem. That is the core philosophy of my business, "Cynthia emphasizes.

Now -it's more than a dozen years later and A BIG ATTITUDE clothing has proven its value in the international spotlight. A BIG ATTITUDE sports bras, cami bras and bike shorts have been appearing on the mega hit television series THE BIGGEST LOSER for 7 seasons.

Cynthia Tivers with host Alison Sweeney backstage on the set of THE BIGGEST LOSER

Cynthia Tivers shows off a cami bra by A BIG ATTITUDE in THE BIGGEST LOSER wardrobe department.

Other shows and series where A BIG ATTITUDE fashions have been featured include Jillian Michaels' series LOSING IT, THE VIEW, TODAY, QVC and Home Shopping Network. And magazines and newspapers including The New York Times and Womans Day have also sought out A BIG ATTITUDE brand items to feature prominently.

Among the most popular of the items in the brand line up have been the compression pants -bike shorts and leggings-that Cynthia first developed about ten years ago. Originally marketed as Cellulite Smoothers, the pants were created to give the wearer a smoother and slimmer look. After a while customers spoke up and said beauty isn't the only advantage of A BIG ATTITUDE's compression pants. Athletes noted their experience with the pants' performance-enhancing quality. People who stand on their feet all day became fans of the terrific support the pants provide. Then we heard from lymphedema patients and from clinical therapists that there are significant medical advantages to wearing our compression pants. The lead therapist at a famous lymphedema clinic told us -the Cellulite Smoothers have the perfect content, they give the perfect fit -they're the perfect product for our patients' needs. With all these newly introduced advantages we updated our product name to reflect their power of performance. Now marketed as Power Legs -these pants are one of our proudest accomplishments.

When A BIG ATTITUDE launched-it was embraced wholeheartedly by American plus size customers. And now A BIG ATTITUDE gear is sold all over the world from the UK and Denmark to Australia and New Zealand and points in between.

"We love our customers because they are so loyal. And they tell us repeatedly how much they appreciate what our clothes do for them."

There was a time when Cynthia successfully launched on air talent including TV stars Mary Hart and Maria Shriver. Now she's launching plus size women all over the world into their own starring roles of better health and fitness -making sure they"Look Good While They Get There" in their A BIG ATTITUDE wardrobe.