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Plus Size Compression Activewear

If you’re interested in plus size bike shorts or plus size leggings that go above and beyond the norm, then compression wear by A Big Attitude fills the bill. Women who wear our compression garments are enabled to take a more serious approach to their workouts when they find that the extra support from our compression wear intensifies their fitness regimen. The sleek engineered styling of our plus size compression bike shorts and plus size compression leggings focuses on and firms large muscle groups: quads, calves, and glutes. The compression garments support the demands of a rigorous workout.

Don’t let bike shorts and leggings that are ill fitting detour you from pursuing the exercise program that is best for your lifestyle needs. If you’re ready to begin lifting free weights or start doing lunges, squats, or leg curls, do so with the proper support for your lower torso. Support to the lower torso with the help of our plus size compression active wear helps stabilize you through a variety of workout programs.

How About Those Power Legs Plus Size Bike Shorts and Leggings

Just as their name states, A Big Attitude plus size bike shorts and plus size leggings will give you that power legs look. Our compression technology helps keep your muscles warm while efficiently removing perspiration from your skin. Our plus size compression bike shorts and leggings promote increased circulation by speeding up blood flow to muscles and removing waste, like lactic acid and extra body fluids. After your more strenuous workouts, you’ll notice a faster recovery time as a result of wearing our plus size compression garments.

Tighter elastic to hold its shape

Pressure provided throughout the entire garment

Improves circulation to the lower leg

Increases power to the muscles

Helps performance and endurance

Our technology adds durability

Made in California, USA

The Best Compression Activewear to Improve Your Workouts

Just like all of our other plus size activewear, A Big Attitude plus size compression bike shorts and leggings are the best in their class. As soon as you work out in your first pair of our plus size compression active wear pants, you’ll understand why the producers of TVs The Biggest Loser have chosen our plus size bike shorts and leggings for their contestants’ intense work outs.

It’s Not Just Another Pair of Spandex Pants

Our Power Legs plus size compression bike shorts and leggings are a world away from the old time spandex pants. Here at A Big Attitude, we send our clients out in the best looking and best designed activewear, whether they’re going to the fitness club, the tennis court, or the mall. The same is true of our Power Legs plus size compression activewear. Slip into our Power Legs bike shorts or our Power Legs leggings and take your next workout by storm.