Plus Size Bike Shorts

When it comes to high quality plus size activewear, the market is slim –and that’s why A Big Attitude was created. Since 1998, A Big Attitude has revolutionized plus size activewear, designing fashionable, functional and comfortable plus size active wear. Among our line of plus size sportswear, are our best-selling plus size bike shorts for women. If you watch TV, you’ve probably already seen these amazing plus size bike sports shorts in action. A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts are prominently featured on NBC’s TV show “The Biggest Loser,” the hit weight loss and fitness reality competition. Hollywood has recognized just how special A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts are – and it only takes one wear for you to experience the difference too.

Plus Size Bike Shorts for Active Lives

Plus size bike shorts are the perfect choice for the plus sized woman who enjoys an active life, whether that means hitting the gym for a workout, the trail for a jog or a bike ride or the neighborhood for a heart-healthy walk. A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts are cut to accentuate and flatter the body and provide a smooth fit – that means no bulky seams and nothing to cut into your skin or uncomfortably squeeze the body. These shorts fit a wide range of body sizes and shapes. A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts are perfect for both high-impact and low-impact activity and will keep you comfortable, whatever your activity level. Some customers wear our bike shorts on their own, or layer them under their workout pants or shorts to provide an extra layer of chafing protection.

Plus Size Bike Shorts for Daily Wear

Our customers love A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts so much that many choose to wear them daily – in place of undergarments. Our bike shorts provide superior protection against chafing and also help smooth out your lower half, creating a more flattering silhouette in dresses, skirts, pants and suits. Our bike shorts are made of 90 percent combed cotton and 10 percent Spandex. A cotton gusset provides added freshness. A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts come in a variety of stylish colors including black, navy, charcoal gray, heather gray and white, so you can match your shorts to your workout gear “check out our A Big Attitude sports bras and baseball shirts” wear them inconspicuously under your favorite outfit.

The Best Plus Size Bike Shorts

Simply put, A Big Attitude’s plus size bike shorts are the best of their kind. It only takes one wear to see why. The cotton/spandex blend provides just the right amount of slimming stretch while providing a breathable and flattering fit that will meet the demands of your everyday life. A Big Attitude does more than just amazing plus size bike shorts. We’re a leading designer of plus size sports bras, plus size sport shirts, plus size sportswear and plus size activewear for women. To learn more about our products and to shop online, visit our website.