Power Legs For Men

"I have played competitive soccer for 35 years and also coach the sport. I used to suffer from hamstring and groin injuries regularly. Since I began wearing power legs three years ago, I have not had even one of those injuries. Coincidence? I don’t think so." - John Sloway,53, Manhattan Beach, California

"I run in them regularly and my legs feel great afterwards. I was in a rush recently going to the airport from the gym and ended up wearing them on a flight to Denver. Power legs got me to Denver, and I felt better than I usually do because my circulation was improved!" - Bill Murphy, San Diego, California

How Compression Works For You

Don't just wear shorts... wear POWER LEGS®

  • Specialized fabric and design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Wash and wear
  • Quick dry
  • Lasts for years

NEW FOR MEN from a leading Sportswear Designer

POWER LEGS® Unique design and construction makes every move you make more powerful.

Here's why:

Greater power when muscles are properly covered and compressed.
Fabric compression and stretch gives improved endurance, improved performance, and improved protection.
Help yourself avoid injury with POWER LEGS® extra durability and protection.
Specialized fabrics and engineering help reduce groin and hamstring injuries.

How we did it:

A. Highest Lycra content

B. Lightweight construction/Technical stitching

C. Quick dry

D. Doesn't fade

E. Lasts for years

Get your legs into these unique power pants.

POWER LEGS® is a product of A BIG ATTITUDE™ Inc.